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If anyone is interested I talked to my source today and she said RC is definately NOT doing Sam/Mcbain romantically.

What are they doing with Sam? And more importantly what are they doing with McBain? TIA.

Mcbain is eventually going to be paired with Carly.

Will McBain have any impact on Jasam at all?

None. She said the same as most that they will interract but nothing romantic.

i don't know. just don't think i'm going to like jason being angry at sam--like at all.

Oh and she said this is being really blown out of proportion. Jason gets angry but he's over it pretty quick. I know, go ahead and call me a Jasam handholder. lol
Just what she said.

Does your source have any info on Lante? Thanks.

I asked. She had absolutely nothing on them. Actually this is kinda about Lante but she said they and Micheal/Starr will be pretty tight.


3 more OLTL cast members on their way.
The CEO of Disney gave his seal of approval to FV's hybrid concept.

- an old friend

The hybrid idea came from Andy Cohen. Brian Frons considered then dismissed the idea of AMC/OLTL.

Know what else? Prospect Park's Jeff Kwatinetz never had any intention of producing two soaps. The deal was always for one hybrid AMC/OLTL/GH. Lucci walked away when she learned about it.

- an old friend

They don't have much time left so I'm not sure why he's (Iger's) saying he's not making any promises. They have to announce a decision about GH very soon.

This isn't about saving GH on ABC. Disney is just letting them test it out on ABC first.

- an old friend

Andy Cohen from NBC owned Bravo? Who is owning this hybrid?

Andy is one of the biggest soap freaks around and he expressed a little interest in 2010 in working out a deal with ABC. This hybrid idea been kicking around since then. The whole idea isn't about saving GH on ABC. It's about trying to find a new home with a show that can appeal to all three shows fans.

-an old friend


This is the part of the Disney Shareholder's meeting is referencing.

From 1:07 mark
Full transcript of Iger's response to GH's future

Q: There's been a lot of changes at ABC Daytime. We're just curious to how well the new shows are doing compared to the shows they replaced, and what the future of General Hospital might be?

Iger: Actually I started at ABC in 1974 working on AMC and OLTL so they were kinda near and dear to my heart. The business of daytime television changed a lot over the years. Soap operas were once powerful profit centers for ABC and for the company. And over time due to the changes in viewing habits, the profitability decreased substantially so ABC created a new strategy that we're in the process of implementing. They put on two shows that replaced AMC and OLTL, one is called the Chew and one is called the Revolution. The Chew is doing extremely well. The Revolution is just getting started. They took some of the characters and some of the stories from OLTL and put them into GH, and that is actually breathing some new life into GH, and that is a good sign, but I am not going to make any more promises beyond that right now because this is all relatively new. We know there a lot of very, very avid fans, loyal fans, not just for seasons but for decades of those two shows AMC and OLTL but it came down to a business decision on ABC's part to really work hard to improve on its profitability, so the shows of many decades wound up being canceled.
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