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Mar 16 2012, 05:44 PM
looks to me like all the men came to see the Will kiss & then left after they saw it wasn't going anywhere anytime soon, lol.

Exactly what I was thinking! 119,000 drop in viewers, 102,000 of them men. The viewers have spoken, they want more Sonny & Will! ;o)

Even if they stayed around, they're not the ones that matter. It's the women in the 18-49 demo that's coveted.

Unfortunately, true. At this point you would think they would want every viewer they can get. Showing advertisers you have a steady male fanbase can also open up the door for new ads & revenue.
But it's the advertisers that established the coveted demos for daytime dramas. The PTB of the Soaps just acquiesced and started aiming for those demos.
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