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Mar 17 2012, 09:42 AM
Seriously. Everyone can keep trying to connect it to characters and stories..it's never going to work. Every character and every story and every couple has aired on good days and bad days. Ratings don't make sense and they don't give a full picture.

Seriously, you would think it wouldn't even be an issue by now. There have been times where a soap has been praised by critics and fans and the ratings have actually gone DOWN. It happens. There is no rhyme or reason to these ratings anymore. The only time you see stories really directly impact ratings is when you have some sort of special circumstance like Days' reboot in September and GH's last month and that is only because they spend weeks promoting it. If the networks actually helped their remaining soaps and did more of that, you may see more of that but that isn't going to happen. The networks don't want to bother with soaps. They either want out of them (ABC) or just want them to make a profit and don't want to overextend themselves to keep them around (CBS and NBC).
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