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Mar 18 2012, 04:38 PM
Mar 18 2012, 02:50 PM
Has anyone read the books? Would it affect my enjoyment of the show if I read them?
I read the first book, and am planning on reading the rest.

I can't exactly say whether or not it will negatively affect my enjoyment of the future seasons, since A) I've only read the first book, and B) I read it after I watched the first season. I don't think it will. But if anything, it's gotten me practically giddy for the second season. I do believe that reading the books will give you a new appreciation for the show. There are *so* much details, and I think the producers did a great job of trying to incorporate as much of it as possible into the show.

You should check out the books. It's a good read -- very well-written and well-crafted. I never would've considered reading the books if it weren't for GoT, which is sad, because I would've missed out on a great series.

And if you are going to read them, my advice would be to read them after you watched the show. That's what I am doing; I'm waiting for the second season to be over before I read the second book. Books usually meet (and even exceed) your expectations. Shows/movies, however, usually will not. Books are almost always better than the show, and I've found that to avoid not being surprised / being underwhelmed, read the book after. Plus, it helps you get your GoT fix while you're waiting a year for the new season to start. :)

Here are a few links to help you decide:

You are correct that fims/shows hardly ever live up to the books, so I think reading the books will add to the series enjoyment. I'm going to do what you do and read each book only after the season has completed, that way the books won't detract from the show. Thanks for the advice!
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