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Another vet return and ratings are still in the gutter. Next up: Lisa Rinna's return to the role of Billie Reed.

When that return fails to bring up ratings as well, will TPTB finally realize they need to stop with the gimmick of vets returning and name casting and finally get to work writing good story and compelling drama?

Or will they start bringing back more characters from the past?

Maybe Charlotte Ross is available to play Eve Donovan again?
Or what about that guy who played Nick, her pimp?

Oh, I know, what about that guy who played Emilio Ramirez? He's a former love interest for Jennifer and Adrienne and they are both on the show again now...

Farah Fath's out of work I hear, maybe the show will bring back Mimi Lockhart even though none of the characters she interacted with when she was on the show originally are on the canvas right now.

It's a lot easier to call up an agent and sign a contract than it is to write good story. But enough is enough. Signing old vets is not working in bringing up the ratings. Time to just accept that!!
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Ratings for March 5th - 9th · General Daytime News