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Viewing Single Post From: Spoiler pics for the week of April 2nd
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Mar 20 2012, 04:59 PM
Mar 20 2012, 04:58 PM
Kristian Alfonso looks more in character in the pic of Princess Gina smoking than she has in forever. She is probably thrilled to be Gina again without being a total psycho. Jawn and Gina love each other and I can get behind it if they're hypnotized as long as they just confess their love and hand-kissing, etc. If they have sex or make out I might throw up. I can't wait to see Kristian Alfonso rock her scenes being a bitchy Princess Gina again! Drake looks so James Bond in that same picture too.

I love how much Will is trying to be like EJ in that picture. I can definitely enjoy that. And Celeste!! So glad to have Celeste back and I hope Beverly Todd delivers in the role. I know she's more than capable.
I agree...although at this point I wouldn't even care if PG & Jawn fucked...I mean bring it on...every other couple is in turmoil...

lol Its not really me personally caring that much. I just don't want to witness the backlash that will follow on the boards. I think the backlash that would follow onscreen could be very good if done right. Kristian looks great as Princess Gina, wouldn't mind having her in that role for a while.

Question. Did Hope's Princess Gina ever fall for Bo? Or was it just the real Princess Gina that eventually fell for Bo when she gave up on John?
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