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Episode #155 is now posted.

an excerpt:
“What’s taking so long?” Jillian Callison asked as she fidgeted around in her bed. “Why won’t they let me go home yet? I keep telling everyone that I feel fine!”

“Be that as it may, neither Dr. Campbell nor Dr. Hughes is going to let you out of here until they’re both absolutely certain that there’s nothing to be worried about.” Her husband, Reginald Callison, squeezed her hand tightly and smiled. “You know we’re only thinking about what’s best for both you and our baby.”

“You should really listen to your husband, dear,” her mother, Leticia Rutherford, smiled and then brushed a lock of hair off of Jillian’s forehead with her hand. “He really is quite smart.”

“Yes, I know,” she smiled up at Reginald before motioning around the room at the multitude of ‘get well’ bouquets, “but if I’m here for very much longer, I’m going to have so many flowers that I’ll be able to open my own botanical garden.”

“Good morning,” Dr. Talbot Campbell said as he pushed open the door and entered the room.

All conversation ground to standstill and everyone’s attention was immediately focused on him as they waited for him to deliver long awaited news. After watching him examine Jillian’s file for several long minutes, it quickly became obvious to everyone that something was wrong.

“Dr. Campbell, what… is it?” Reginald finally spoke up as he held his wife’s hand tightly. “You don’t look like you have good news.”

Talbot took a deep breath and then exhaled slowly. No, he didn’t have good news – not good at all.

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