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I've always liked Marlena for having a certain dignity about her and because I just expect her to be a part of Days; however, she's never been a character that punches me in the gut and makes me really care about her. I do think, though I don't think she was the most obviously necessary return, she's been the best handled return. I also think being a supporting character is good for her now, and px780 has pretty much described why perfectly:
Mar 21 2012, 02:59 PM
I prefer her in a supporting role at this point, though. The character's been through so much it's hard to imagine any more, mostly because I think Days would only do frontburner as part of a love triangle and I don't believe in that with John/Marlena (not a shipper really but I buy that they're trueloveforever and it would take a lot of convincing for me to believe them even looking at anyone else).

Plus I think she adds depth as a supporting. Her interaction with Jack was fantastic. Her role in Will's story is great, too. In a way I think she anchors things even as that supporting element. More of a feeling than a rational thought, though- I just like her more this way.
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