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No matter what you think, I DO love you.

Ah Marlena, I *heart* her so. Marlena is hands down my favorite DAYs character EVER. I love her with John and if I take only the totally kick ass things they've been through together (and ignore the crap written for them) they have a love that's just so deeply rooted in each other that one could not be if the other disappeared. It's so codependantly delicious. Sure sure they'll live on if one dies but a part of them will die with the other and they'd never be the same after.

And although I love her with John, I think she's pretty bad-ass on her own. She's strong and tough, compassionate and caring, and on and on. She's just got so many characteristics that makes her awesome in my book, both bad and good. And I think someone once said...she's every guys fantasy and every girls friend. I'd love to be Marlena's friend but it'll have to be takeout or eating out when we get together for dinners, cause we know she can't cook worth a damn and well I'm definitely too lazy for all that, haha.
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