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Marlena (and John) are the reason I started watching Days in the first place. Flipping channels one day and they made me flip back. I guess I was lucky. They were exactly the kind of soap couple I had always hoped for, but in the beginning I was afraid to get too invested because I had watched soaps before and I knew the drill, lol. I just didn't want to see that happen to them. When I like something, I like it..the end, lol, and for me they were the very best. Have to say that 19 years later I feel the same way about them. I was also lucky because they had such great stories, that only made their love for each other, and mine for them stronger. I loved that they didn't play mean games with each other, and that circumstances beyond their control kept them apart...if they had a choice, you always knew they would choose each other...you just had (have) to look at the way they look at each other. And ya...I love their passion for each other.

To top it all off, there was Marlena. A strong, beautiful, smart, fun, sweet character who loved her family and John with all her heart and always tried to do the right thing. When she makes a mistake, she never makes excuses. She takes responsibility no matter the consequences. She is fierce. She's a friend, Mother, Stepmother, Grandmother, best friend and Wife and would do anything for the people in her life. Love her. I hope she is front burner soon, because for me she is the heart of the show.
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