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Viewing Single Post From: Weekly Character Discussion: Marlena
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Mar 21 2012, 07:30 PM

IA!!! i found out bout days b/c i accidentally saw a sneak peek preview u know the one where it lasts like 5min?
anyway i say hey,why not give it a shot,and there they were jarlena arguin bout gettin a divorce...and i was like woah...these 2 are on fire...also i saw rite away drake and deidre's chemistry rite away!!!!then i HAD to look over all their story...im still not done...but im gettin there,read their bio non-stop...really ive fallen for jarlena so bad,still everyday....i cant get enough of them,also i adore drake and deidre equally!so much!!!
i love everythin bout them!!! okay im gonna try to find the clip where i first saw them....okay its gone anyway it was a preview from 10-11-11 thats when i fell in luv with jarlena :wub:
I love that you fell in love with J&M when they came back on the last year!
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