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Mar 21 2012, 07:39 PM
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Mar 21 2012, 07:30 PM

IA!!! i found out bout days b/c i accidentally saw a sneak peek preview u know the one where it lasts like 5min?
anyway i say hey,why not give it a shot,and there they were jarlena arguin bout gettin a divorce...and i was like woah...these 2 are on fire...also i saw rite away drake and deidre's chemistry rite away!!!!then i HAD to look over all their story...im still not done...but im gettin there,read their bio non-stop...really ive fallen for jarlena so bad,still everyday....i cant get enough of them,also i adore drake and deidre equally!so much!!!
i love everythin bout them!!! okay im gonna try to find the clip where i first saw them....okay its gone anyway it was a preview from 10-11-11 thats when i fell in luv with jarlena :wub:
I love that you fell in love with J&M when they came back on the last year!

i know!!! thank u!!! so do i!!! b/c of jarlena i joined SOC so i could gush over them....and now also DR...really i love jarlena and drake/deidre so much!!! they are my n1 couple!!!really in those months they beat every other soaps couples i ever rooted!i finally found my OTP thats john and marlena!im on twitter as well,and let me tell ya i keep talkin bout them non-stop..

okay back to wayne as roman...i agree he was a better roman than the current one.BUT now that ive been watchin RoMa clips..really wayne and deidre lacks chemistry....dont know if u guys remember but back on 1992 they went into a cabin to have some alone time,anyway they had sex 5 times straight! i kept tweetin my disgust on twitter! yuck!!! really deidre tried so hard to sell the scenes...when she was havin intimate scenes with wayne...but it didnt work!!!! instead with drake,all he has to do is walk in a room and then look at deidre and BAM! u can feel the hotness everywhere!!!! i love them so much!!!! if i didnt make that clear....hehe
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