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"I like to be on top, Darling." - John Ross/Pamela

^^i know!!!!marlena is the best female character ever on days!i admire her so much!and i adore deidre so much!
i love john and marlena of course also stefano and marlena's "twisted connection".

hated her with roman (both of 'em),its still hard for me to watch her with him.

drake and deidre spreads sexual chemistry everywhere,even by just lookin at each other,they dont have to kiss or touch,u can see/feel their deep connection!!!!when marlena cries,i cry as well,when she laughs i laugh!!!really thats how amazin she is!!!i love deidre's laugh!!!so cute!!!!!Team Marlena Always!!!!

Really i feel so lucky and blessed to have met her (not in person)but to have found bout her and drake and jarlena,really im so in luv with them.i never get tired to talk bout them.
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