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I'm not sure what it is exactly that I like about Marlena, except that i do. She's one of the few (if not the only) soap character I have never gone through bouts of disliking (even when she's being annoying I still quite like her). Maybe it's that she's one of the few that is consistently written, or portrayed. Yes there are annoying times, like the hysterical crying and weakness of the Marlena in the Alex North SL, but even then it is relatively consistent - as in not a massive change in personality like Sami's sudden goodness - and by and large she remains likeable. Maybe it's because even with all the weird shit the character goes through there's no real whining, self pity, woe is me. There's a strength I admire in taking what life deals you and dealing with it, quite often with grace. That to me is a likeable quality.

I've seen people call her judgmental and sanctimonious and I never really see that as it's usually directed at deserving people. She's also loyal. There's never been the soap-y hijinks of back stabbing and game-playing. Again, likeable traits. Am glad she's back. And yes, I am a massive J&M fan because in part who she is as a character but also who they are as a team.
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