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At the "Soap Opera Festival", March 24th-25th, Michelle Stafford (Phyllis, The Young and The Restless) had an hour-long Q&A panel about her role and career in daytime television. Here's a summary of all discussed.


What is Michelle’s favorite storyline as Phyllis? Two favorites. 1) When Phyllis seduced her shrink Tim Reed; and 2) the Nick/Phyllis affair.

What is her least favorite storyline? She doesn’t have a specific one, but she has issues with Phyllis being a grandmother.

Spoilers? Phyllis will be trusting Nick more. Michael Damien (Danny Romalotti) is returning to Y&R

Favorite of Phyllis’ lovers? She loves them all. Nick brings out one side of Phyllis. Detective Malloy brought out another.

Does she ever get injured with all those desktop sex scenes? “Only my elbows and knees”.

Would Adam and Phyllis ever get together? Only if Nick does something so horrible that it could be justified.

How much is she like Phyllis? “I have the same cadence. The same humor. But I’m not as tightly wound, emotional and knee jerky. Not as jacked!”

How does she like working with Billy Miller (Billy)? She loves being “co-workers who disagree”.

Where was the Cane/Lily wedding shot? At a famous Hollywood house rumored to be haunted.

How is working with Michael Graziadei (Danny)? He is only ten years younger than Michelle in real life. She had issues working with a grown son, but he is a “good guy and a good actor”.

Was she concerned about backlash from Sharon/Nick fans when the Phyllis/Nick affair started? She was not concerned. She wants an interesting story. She has no vested interest in Phyllis being in part of a couple. But it does look as if the Sharon/Nick/Phyllis triangle may be starting up again.

How was the scene with Phyllis’ father? It did not last long. Originally, the story was not written as the parents throwing Phyllis under the bus…but the scenes with Avery turned the story in that direction. Phyllis has the same negative traits that she hates in her father.

Is Joshua Morrow (Nick) really hurt? He has issues with knee cartilage which involves an operation. Also, Billy Miller broke his hand hitting a table in a scene!

Why hasn’t race been brought up more with the Katherine/Devon story? Maybe Y&R is afraid to go there, concerned that they will make a mistake. They just want to tell good story.

Does she read her scripts the moment she gets them? Yes, if she’s interested in the particular storyline. They get scripts a week in advance. She only reads her scenes, not the whole script.

Does she have difficulty with intense emotional scenes? Sometimes she does not like doing the “Lucy” storyline because as a mother herself, she doesn’t want to go there.

Does she watch soaps? She watched Ryan’s Hope, All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital. She is a fan of both Debbie Morgan and Genie Francis; and is blown away that she gets to work with them. “Tony Geary is a big reason as to why I’m an actor.”

How is the work schedule? It varies. They generally start taping at 9 AM and end at 6 PM. Big parties go on longer.

Is she worried about Y&R staying on the air? No. Y&R has just signed a three year contract. Also, actors rarely get the kind of security that she has had by staying on a soap.

Has she ever cracked up taping a scene? The chocolate cake catfight with Sharon Case (Sharon) caused a bit of laughing on the set.

Does she have any say in wardrobe? It is all the Y&R wardrobe people. She tries the clothes on; and they either fit or they don’t.

What character in Genoa City would she switch places with? Katherine Chancellor.


Is the soap opera genre right for Michelle? She is interested in all genres as an actress; and doesn’t change her style for a particular genre. She loves the close connection with soap operas and knowing that she’s “in someone’s house every day”.

Would she prefer to work on primetime or daytime? “It is all connected. All TV.”

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