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Mar 27 2012, 01:07 PM
i agree with them both and i have hated how certain daytime celebrities have snubbed the daytime emmy's for years now...the cast of the view, oprah, regis and kelly, ellen....if they dont care to show up with their star power then the show doesnt deserve to go on. and they can blame themselves
The Daytime Emmys have always had the issue that they combine different types of shows that don't have much in common except that they air before it gets dark at night. I think what's happening is that the morning shows don't want to be seen as the failures that soaps are, so they're trying to separate themselves from the group. One way that they're doing this is by not attending or acknowledging these awards. The one I'm disappointed in the most is Kelly Ripa, since she got her start in soaps. Might do her some good to remember that sometime. She wouldn't have her current job if it weren't for AMC.
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