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Mar 27 2012, 02:02 PM
I'd also like to see Marlena and Sami reconcile one of these days, how long are they going to let something that happened 19 years ago affect their relationship?, Marlena's always had a great relationship with her kids and I wish Sami would realize that she is her mother and she isnt the enemy, life's too short to hold grudges, and maybe with your idea of a cancer scare storyline is what can bring them back together. I'd also like to see more of John and Marlena on screen together, their relationship is the perfect example of how love conquers all, they've been through everything imaginable together and with them being separated and reunited over and over again its just made their love even stronger and they've still have so much potential for a great storyline, thats the kind of romance and love story I want to see, not the crap with ej/sami/carrie/austin/rafe/nicole with breaking everybody up and jumping from one person to the next at the drop of a hat, claiming there so in love with eachother after a few weeks, call me old fashioned but thats not my idea of romance.
No, thanks. I'd like to see Marlena deal with Sami's death. Esp considering that Sami was named after Samantha, thus bringing back memories of her death too.
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