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Mar 25 2012, 04:46 PM
OOT, I think DAYS has become too couple based. Some of my favorite Drake scenes were when he was in scenes with other actors. Sadly, the super couples IMO have all become really stale and because of this the actors aren't given much to work with. I think the writers need to start writing these characters more outside of their present pairings, it makes the actors come to life.

Getting back to Marlena, I think it is puzzling how Drake is blamed for "bringing Deidre down" excuse my language but WTF...yeah, okay, during the Alex North storyline she was MAINLY in scenes with Wayne, yet Drake brought her down? Whatever.

Deidre was doing the gasping LONG before Drake joined the show. I don't get the appeal of her and yes, I do think (like many DAYS stars) she is over-rated.

LOL....i agree that deidre and wayne's chemistry SUCKED big time!! wheter he played Roman or Alex...i didnt see it,well i saw chemistry as friends...but as lovers? not so much! anyway,i love Marlena and John seperately but i prefer them more together....mostly on their love scenes...there i said it!!! u can mock all u like....im still gonna love them.....Jarlena best couple ever on days!no one can beat their magic...... :cheer:
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