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Mar 27 2012, 11:53 AM
Mar 27 2012, 08:35 AM
The Room Stops
Mar 21 2012, 02:12 PM
Mar 21 2012, 12:06 PM
Love love love Marlena! Never realized how much until she was gone.
And while she was gone, I realized why... Marlena seems like home. For me, yeah, she was and is my favorite character, but there's just something about her that is so ... home. The show needs her because she's its heart and soul. There's just something warm and comforting about her that the show needs, IMO.

Favorite character. FAVORITE FREAKING CHARACTER! Surprised? No? Weeeelllll... I'm easy to read. Marlena's the most interesting character, and I really wish writers would take advantage of her history and WRITE for her. Deidre can carry a story all by herself if needed (even though I prefer it be J&M as a married couple), take advantage of it, dammit! She can have her own story AND still interact with other characters. I love her interaction with Will and Jack, but I also want her to actually have scenes with her husband.

I mean, look at her history, everything the character's been through. Rape, lost two children, stalked, deaths of husbands, obsessive men, missing years, kidnappingS... there's a lot to draw on and use for future story.

I'm still surprised they haven't done a cancer story. Or at least a scare. Such a soap staple, and Marlena's a staple.
I have meant to come in here and comment earlier. Marlena is my favorite character, and has been for as long as I can remember. I am not one dimensional, and I have other favorites like Julie, Doug, Bo, Hope, and Laura.....but Marlena has been the center of this show when it's at it's best for the last three decades.

As for Marlena since the reset....she's been the Marlena I use to know and love. Would I enjoy a good storyline? like a cancer scare?....yeah. That would be a nice addition and a real gutsy story Dee would devour. I think she is more "in character" right now than she's been in a long, long time. That part I love. However, I think they need to invest in her own storyline and give her a chance to do what she seems to do best....bring in the ratings.

I think we need to see her give her all to a well written story that doesn't involve relationship turmoil with John. We've seen them seperate J&M over, and over, and over again. It insults us and we don't buy it. The way Drake and Dee play these two leaves little doubt about their love for each other and resolve to be together in the face of any challenge. Any seperation seems trite, stupid, and pointless.

So my wishlist....a meaty storyline that puts her at the center of the action, that doesn't insult us by dividing J&M, a couple that by this time should be a solid as Fort Knox. If they craft it well, give Dee a chance to shine, and make it an umbrella story that sends ripples through the rest of the cast of characters, they will find what Anderson and Reilly figured out; people will watch Deidre Hall when she's given a story that plays to her talent. She is, above all else, a talented actress.

Thats my take.
Quoting James Reilly one of the extremely rare times he talked about an actor (this might have been the only time). "As for Deidre Hall, if you have the best, you use the best." (about the Possession storyline). He got it. She was his leading lady, and he let her shine. Yeah, the stories were outrageous, but he so obviously worshipped her. So did Sheri.

I think a cancer scare for Marlena would be interesting. She's been through hell and back, litterally, time for the next challenge.

LOL i loved the possession s/l....it s also deidre's fav!!!! u could see she was havin a blast!!!!wish that KC & MarDar would use Deidre's talent more and not shove her off as recurrin....she needs a s/l of her own!after all the years she gave to the show,days should know that deidre can pull off anythin!!! her last real s/l,however how much i hated it,was back on 2005....alex north...at least it revolved around her,no stefano,no princess gina...nada...just marlena...after that...they got sucked again by the dimera's plans...which are gettin old btw...i just want her to have a s/l of her own,is that too much to ask?
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