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Mar 27 2012, 05:14 PM
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Mar 27 2012, 04:14 PM
LOL....i agree that deidre and wayne's chemistry SUCKED big time!! wheter he played Roman or Alex...i didnt see it,well i saw chemistry as friends...but as lovers? not so much! anyway,i love Marlena and John seperately but i prefer them more together....mostly on their love scenes...there i said it!!! u can mock all u like....im still gonna love them.....Jarlena best couple ever on days!no one can beat their magic...... :cheer:
I saw it in the beginning back when their story first started in the 80s but after they were apart and reunited in the early 90s it just wasn't there anymore which is why I think people started rooting for her to be with John, and I don't blame them because her and John are hot together and their chemistry just explodes when there on screen :) and don't even get me started on that whole Alex North fiasco that was like the worst storyline in the history of the show lol :fp2:

i only seen RoMa (roman / marlena) scenes from the 90's...to me they looked like two little kids fightin and havin sex nonstop. :puke:
then whenever marlena was with john,even before he could speak...u could feel the tension,the sexual chemistry everywhere.Thats how drake and deidre's chem beat the one she had w wayne's so of course,ppl were rootin for jarlena....yeah sorry bout mentionin alex...it was just to point out that,it was the last time that marlena/deidre had a story of her own,that didnt have to do with her kids or stefano.
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