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Viewing Single Post From: SOD/SOW: Will tells Marlena he's gay

Summary of both articles:

- Marlena hears EJ issuing a strict order to Will. She defends Will, and then "Marlena and EJ speak privately about Will's situation and both agree that he needs room to be himself." Will is then alone with Marlena and asks her how he's supposed to get comfortable in his own skin when everyone is bothering him. Then he tells her he's gay.

- Deidre Hall says, "What I wanted to do as Marlena, and as the actress, was just to hold the space... I wanted the room to be a safe place, respectful and dignified, where Will could be and say whatever he had to get out of his body."

- Hall praises Marlene and Darrell for writing Marlena and Will's relationship so that it goes beyond the issue of his sexuality and includes comfortable moments between them, like playing Scrabble or Will just acting like a teen.

- After Will makes this admission to Marlena, he's not sure whom to tell next. Should he tell his friends or his parents? Hall says that "Marlena does not encourage Will to do anything else besides sit with the feelings and know that he's healthy, fine and perfectly wonderful as he is."

- Hall says that the story between Marlena and Will continues after these scenes. She says Will's story centered around the fact that you just wanted him to be okay, but the two then continue to have "fascinating" scenes and that their relationship deepens. "The next three months are the most spectacular that I've seen in ages. Life goes on after Will's revelation."

- Hall also praises Chandler Massey. She says that his "ability to express such profound turmoil takes my breath away".
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