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Mar 29 2012, 11:48 AM
Seeing how much praise DH has been giving Chandler throughout this story makes me like her that much more. I think CM has been blessed in having her to share these scenes with. Looking forward to see it play out over the next few months.
Deidre's very easy like that. If she likes someone, she'll sing it. If she doesn't, she won't badmouth, you just don't hear her say anything publically.

I'm in love with Marlena and Will, and I'm just excited for Will to come out and to move on from there. To see him fall in love for the first time, have his first real, tender moment with someone he likes. I hope they continue to show Marlena telling Will that being gay changes very, very little about how his life will be. He'll still get married and have kids, it'll just be slightly different than what he imagined. Hopefully this show'll help some parents who are struggling with their child's sexuality to realize that their son or daughter is still the same, their perception of them just has to change.

Now I imagine that coming out is pretty much the most powerful moment in a gay teen's life, and I'm glad Will's moment is with Marlena.
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