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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Mar 29 2012, 07:54 PM
:omg: :wow: Has DAYS ever had ratings this low before? I wonder where the miracle ratings are that the vets were going to bring back, I think they are going in the opposite direction! Like I keep saying you canít live in the past! The writers aren't writing they are re-hashing old S/L! Viewers are tired of it and are sending a great message ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

To answer your first question...since they didn't hit a 'new low' in HH, I would say that yes they have had at least these ratings in the past.

I'm sorry but Days would KILL SOMEONE to have the ratings they had in 'the past'......problem isn't the vets. Days sucked when the show didn't look like Days because of all the 'new' faces, so much so that had to bring back those veteran character to try to make SOMETHING out of NOTHING.

This was a bad week for ALL soaps not just Days. I'm sure they will improve somewhat in the coming weeks before Days hits the valley again in the summer...

Days has to just tell good stories and that is what they lack. All of us have our favorites and those that we don't like and it's not so much about which couple is together or not, it's the story and how well it's written and if it captivates the audience and KEEPS THEM WATCHING. That's key, we can have a gain of 200K one week and a loss of 250K the following week and Days has done NOTHING. Same thing with this loss, we can gain viewers next week and then lose them again the week after.
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