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Mar 30 2012, 01:10 AM
Mar 29 2012, 11:50 PM
Mar 29 2012, 11:06 PM
People complained about Mardar, Higley, and every other headwriter Days has had the past 10 years. No writer will ever make all the fans happy. The show is way to supercouple based and you mess with one popular couple and your hated by the fans..The other shows don't have that problem. If Days brought back Sheri Anderson, she'd bomb like anyone else would. It's a different show and genre now than it was when she was writing..There wasn't even internet back in her day.
I agree 100% although I do agree with Kenny in that with MarDar there are legitimate reasons to be angry.

Days is just a polarizing show. Always has been and always will be, no matter who is writing.
But Corday did the reset for a reason. He was Higley´s biggest fan but he finally had to admit the numbers aren´t enough anymore. He knew she is burned out. FF to next year, he has 9 new and expensive actors on the paylist, the writing team is much bigger, there were additional investments in the HTC set and other things, yet the numbers are worse. There simply isn´t an angle to look at it in a positive way.

Yeah, fanbases can be very vocal. We all know that. But we also know when the story is interesting enough they continue to watch even when still bitching about it. That´s not the case with DAYS and MarDar now. They ARE still pissing fans left and right but for absolutely no reason. What´s the point of Alamainia? Or the completely fucked up J/J/D triangle? Or Abby´s visit in the crazy world? If the show wants to split the supercouples, ok, but OMG atleast do that in a way so the characters don´t act like they are all after collective lobotomy. Nothing clicks, nothing makes even sligtest sense. Things which are promissing and deserves further focus are ignored and forgotten while we spend tons of time repeating stuff nobody cares. The show now is just a bunch of random scenes featuring the familiar faces.

I agree about all your story points.

My only point of disagreement is what I've been saying for weeks...I don't think Days is panicking at the numbers because the season to date numbers are good and so are likely the online numbers. GH is the only show that is and that is only because no matter what number they bring in they would be in danger given ABC. Before anyone claims the season to date and online numbers don't matter, that has already been proven false in 2010 when Days' live+same day numbers were AWFUL the entire year for the most part and the show got a multi-year renewal. Corday hyped up the online numbers that year and the press release touted the season to date numbers even though they were down from the previous year (those numbers were not as far down though as the live+same day numbers were the bulk of the year though). Days' numbers are fine in the broad scheme of things season to date so I don't think there is worry amongst Corday and co. nor do I think the show is worried about the budget (especially since it looks like guarantees were slashed left and right and we've had less extras and principal guests used as well as we've seen less characters per episode most days). The writing team isn't much bigger than it was, really. Plus, the show is going to produce two weeks less of episodes this year due to the Olympics so that will help somewhat. I think we'll see Corday do what he always does. He will start cutting cast and money when the renewal draws near to make it look like he's doing something in an extra effort to appease NBC. Even if they don't ask for him to do that, he will do it just to make it look like he's presenting a cheaper product. As soon as he gets the renewal, he'll probably add to the cast like always. That's his MO. He slashes away before or right after renewals and the cast bloats again.

Having said all this, the show has major issues to resolve. Even if this can be written off as a bad week for daytime as a whole and even if the season to date numbers and online numbers are good, the show still can't let this keep going on. It just can't. The bulk of the show is a mess and something needs to be done.
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