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Monday ("The Egg Surprise")
John and Hope fool Stefano to get what they want; Stefano is enraged after hearing about Kate's affair with Ian.

Tuesday ("Kate's Mistake")
Kate is guilt-ridden over her actions; EJ and Sami agree to keep their relationship platonic.

Wednesday ("The Escape")
Agent Spencer helps Hope and John flee from Stefano's control; Gabi is heartbroken when she misreads Chad's intentions.

Thursday ("Billie Hunts For Evidence")
EJ catches Billie going through a cache of documents at the DiMera mansion; Rafe is saddened by Carrie's decision.

Friday ("John Returns")
Marlena is thrilled by John's return, but bothered by his news; Hope reunites with Bo and Ciara.

John and Hope plan a daring escape from Alamainia
Rafe helps Nicole, who wants to keep EJ from learning the true results of the paternity test
Will takes another big step toward self-acceptance

**UPDATED 3/31**

National Enquirer Spoilers
-Chad and Melanie decide to take their relationship to the next level.
-Rafe and Carrie meet to discuss their relationship
-Nicole and EJ bond over Stefano's betrayal.
-Rafe reaffirms his commitment to Nicole.
-Lucas and Sami remember old feelings.
-John surprises Marlena with his return to Salem.

**UPDATED 4/3**

Monday April 9:
John and Hope pretend they're still hypnotized when Stefano confronts them about the photo of Bo he found in their possession.
Hope almost reveals that they've got the egg already.
Kate makes love with Ian, because she still feels that Stefano's in love with Marlena.
Ian's walking stick is embossed with a phoenix - one that matches Stefano's.
Stefano's crushed to hear of Kate's betrayal but his hurt turns to desire for revenge.
Lucas confronts EJ about moving next door to Sami.
Rafe and Nicole become better friends as Rafe encourages her to keep a positive attitude about her pregnancy.
Lucas warns Rafe that by sleeping with Nicole on the rebound, he's pushing Sami into EJ's arms.
Madison and Brady collaborate on a project.

Tuesday April 10:
John and Hope open the Anastasia egg and discover a golden coin which has a code engraved into it. They try to break the code but are unsuccessful so they create a duplicate coin.
John and Hope give the egg to Stefano and rush to the airport. Before they leave, Stefano learns the coin is fake.
Stefano stews over Kate's betrayal and then lays the guilt on thick.
Ian refuses to give up on Kate.
EJ kisses Sami in order to prove there's nothing romantic between them.
Sami's attracted as EJ takes off his shirt to fix a pipe, but they agree they only cause pain and suffering when they're together.
Will comes out to Sonny, who is happy for him.
Sonny and Will's hug sparks an attraction and they're both affected.

Wednesday April 11:
There's a huge confrontation between EJ, Sami, Rafe and Nicole.
Nicole nearly slips and says EJ's the father of her baby.
EJ pours his heart out to Nicole, which affects her.
Agent Spencer turns up at the departure gate in Alamainia.
Chad and Mel's romantic relationship has an effect on Gabi.
Chad wants Gabi to set the scene for love-making at his apartment for him and Mel.
Gabi violently tears up a photo of Chad and Melanie.

Thursday April 12:
Billie discovers a cache of documents at the Dimera's but EJ catches her snooping.
EJ checks the documents and is stunned by a discovery.
EJ opens up to Nicole about Stefano's betrayal and how framing John was his idea.
Rafe is surprised when Carrie wants to officially dissolve their partnership.
Carrie reveals she knows Rafe impregnated Nicole and she doesn't think he is the man she though he was.
Rafe almost tells Carrie the truth.
Chad and Mel are falling deeply in love.

Friday April 13:
Marlena's elated when John surprises her with his return home.
Marlena's upset to learn John's back with the ISA.
Nicole attempts to comfort EJ, who admits how much his father's approval means to him.
Nicole and EJ almost kiss until Sami interrupts.
Rafe tries to tell Carrie the truth about Nicole's baby but they're interrupted.
Lucas sets up camp in Sami's living room in an attempt to take her mind off her troubles.
Lucas and Sami are affected by a close encounter.


Spoilers For April 9-13

Coming back.

John and Hope continue pretending to be the pawn and Gina to keep Stefano at bay. He demands his egg and they stall, hatching it open when heís away. Inside is a golden coin with a mysterious code. They replace it with a dummy and hand the egg to Stefano. As soon as he lets them go, he realizes he has been had and sends his goons after them. When they get to the airport, Agent Spencer meets them. They give him the coin and he smuggles them onto a private jet. When they return to Salem, John tells Marlena what happened and that heís still with the ISA. She begs him to quit and this creates a serious problem for them. Meanwhile, Hope rushes to Bo to watch him vegetate. She cries by his side until he starts to move his fingers.

Believing that Stefano is still smitten with his Queen of the Night, Kate leaps into bed with Ian. She starts having doubts that this was a good idea and warns him that he is now in grave danger. Heís not worried: his stick has a magical phoenix emblem like Stefanoís. Her husband calls. He knows sheís cheated but acts loving. She feels worse and begs Ian to forget her. The Scotsman canít and is determined to fight for her.

Lucas tells EJ to back off from Sami. Elvis advises him to go back to his fiancee. Lucas turns to Rafe instead and warns him that he is pushing Sami and EJ back together. Rafe points out that itís Lucas who seems ensnared with Sami again. Hernandez stays busy helping out Nicole with her pregnancy while EJ tells Sami they need to discuss their future. He kisses her and she pulls away. Elvis claims he just wanted to prove there is nothing between them other than their kids. Thatís tested again when he has to fix her pipes and gets topless. The sexual tension turns into something else when Johnny shows up. The three of them hang out together. Rafe and Nicole wander by and spot this. The fighting begins. There is much name calling and EJ begs Nicole to come back to him again.

When EJ heads home, he catches Billie snooping again but keeps it to himself. He actually takes a look at what she was looking at and is shocked to see his father has betrayed him. Nicole stops in and he opens up about how Stefano actually rigged the election for him to lose and the money he took from Johnís phony embezzlement has gone missing. She already knew about the election part. She returns to Rafe, who has been getting calls for Carrie. He wants to hook up with her but Nic says no. He meets her anyway and she tells him sheís dissolving their partnership. It breaks his heart that she is so cold to him. She has a fit about him knocking up Nicole and he breaks down, ready to tell her the truth. Before he can, Sami interrupts and ruins things. Back at Casa DiMera, Billie goes looking for the box of evidence only to discover that EJ has it now. After she leaves, he returns to moping to Nicole about his father. She comforts him and they nearly kiss when Sami walks in on them. This leads to threeway bickering. Sami goes home, where Lucas has set up a campsite in her living room and they get close.

Will finally tells Sonny heís gay. Thatís not a big surprise, but Sonnyís concerned when Will explains that he wants to keep it a secret from his mom. After they hug, Will goes home to think about touching him. Meanwhile, Gabi is disappointed again. Chad invites her over to his place, but itís only to help him decorate the place for a romantic evening with Mel. Doing this is too much for Gabi and she freaks out, smashing things. After she goes home to tear up photos of the couple, they return to his pad to boff romantically.

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