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Mar 30 2012, 01:29 AM
Days' numbers are fine in the broad scheme of things season to date so I don't think there is worry amongst Corday and co. nor do I think the show is worried about the budget (especially since it looks like guarantees were slashed left and right and we've had less extras and principal guests used as well as we've seen less characters per episode most days). The writing team isn't much bigger than it was, really. Plus, the show is going to produce two weeks less of episodes this year due to the Olympics so that will help somewhat. I think we'll see Corday do what he always does. He will start cutting cast and money when the renewal draws near to make it look like he's doing something in an extra effort to appease NBC. Even if they don't ask for him to do that, he will do it just to make it look like he's presenting a cheaper product. As soon as he gets the renewal, he'll probably add to the cast like always. That's his MO. He slashes away before or right after renewals and the cast bloats again.

Having said all this, the show has major issues to resolve. Even if this can be written off as a bad week for daytime as a whole and even if the season to date numbers and online numbers are good, the show still can't let this keep going on. It just can't. The bulk of the show is a mess and something needs to be done.
First, Iīm big fan of TVbythenumbers.com and they always say using season averages and Live+7 or DVR numbers is a classic excuse of failed shows trying to look better. As long as networks arenīt able to effectively monetize the delayed viewing itīs just a nice PR number. IMO, Corday mentioning the online and other numbers has as much weight as Passionīs producers constantly talking about 18-34 or even the teen girls demos. He is a salesman so itīs his job to present the numbers in the best way possible. But situation behind the closet door can be quite different.

Second, the two year renewall was esencially a gift and it will never happen again. Zucker was leaving, he had no responsibility anymore and there was the recent upswing he could put in the charts and present it in a positive way. You can bet the network saw the massive firings of vets as a good thing. It made the show younger, fresher and more oriented on future. As producer, I would certainly had more faith in a show like that than what we have now.

Third, I donīt see how bringing in 9 new characters who made absolutely zero difference can be seen as a good thing. We as fans know they could be huge again (atleast some of them) but if the writing isnīt there why bother. Seems they could just continue with EJ/Taylor and Mel on FB in every storyline and things would be the same. The reset was an investment and it didnīt pay off. I donīt believe for a second Corday is OK with that. He seemed nervous when he promissed how different things will be when we reach the March and we are seeing the stories being pulled and rerouted almost on daily basis. And we arenīt even speaking about the first round of post-reset stories where MarDar were still finetuning things. We are talking about the second run, started in late Feb, where the feedback from fans was already considered.

Finally, I agree with you we will soon see Corday go into a panicking mode. I think part of the problem is MarDar know they are on the slipping grounds and their desperate attempts to please fans and turn things around are just making things worse. I would be shocked if they surive past their contract period. Iīm just afraid it will be too late. Thatīs why I hope Corday already noticed them and is negotiating with someone else. I donīt care about the couples or fanbases, I just want someone who is able to tell a story.
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