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Mar 30 2012, 04:37 AM
No offense to the other soap fans, but I'm having a hard time sympathizing with your complaints. Watch Y&R for one week, and you'll see a truly sh*tty soap. It's BEYOND awful. It is the worst soap, by far. I've been watching B&B and GH and I keep up with Days, and they ain't got nothin' on the crapfest that is Y&R.
I began watching Y & R from Day 1-- my parents are HUGE fans and I do have to agree with you-- this show is simply terrible now. I know it's bad when my Mom tells me she's not watching anymore because it's so bad--keep in mind she planned NOTHING in between 12:30 and 1:30 everyday just so she could watch the show. It was even better when LML was there and that's saying a lot!

B & B seems to be the soap that just kind of plugs along-- not much is said about the show but yet it gets OK ratings.

GH, I think has gotten better. Characters seem to be in character, if that makes sense. Luke is the Luke we've known, Anna is Anna-- written as Anna and the list goes on..... I know there's been talk about the whole OLTL characters "taking" over but I just don't see that. Yes, there's been a handful of characters that are there-- Todd, Starr and McBain, but I don't call that a complete takeover. If anything, I think they're adding to some storylines. I'm really liking the writing of the show now. I'm looking forward to seeing the Quartermaine family being beefed up in the coming months too.

Days, I think, shows the same characters doing the same thing all of the time. I always read it's so balanced now but it's the same characters that are being shown. They may be on a few days a week instead of all days but it's still the same people. That's my issue with the show. How I would love to see Jack and Jennifer work their way back together or Justin and Adrienne deal with a family or health issue or Victor going back to the Victor we know and have loved but yet we get the same storylines with the same basic characters. Anyway, I know that people disagree with me on that but that's my opinion.

I really hope that the shows do get better. Despite all of the crap on the shows, I don't want to see any more shows being cancelled. This is a part of television history and I believe its future and it needs to be saved and stay!
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