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Episode #156 is now posted.

an excerpt:
Jillian Callison sat in silence on the sofa in her living room with her mother, Leticia Rutherford, on one side; her mother-in-law, Francis Callison, on the other; and surrounded by her sisters, Judith Linford and Janet Lamont, and husband, Reginald Callison. Everyone waited with baited breath for her reaction and response to the woman who was apparently her new housekeeper and nursemaid, Mrs. Eudora Whitehead. Unfortunately for Jillian, her mother-in-law had taken it upon herself to hire Mrs. Whitehead without even so much as consulting Jillian. That was a sticking point which she was far from comfortable with.

“Jillian, darling, you’re not saying anything.” Reginald finally spoke after several long moments of silence while everyone had waited for Jillian to fully react. “I think it’s wonderful how Mother went out of her way to find just the right housekeeper with the proper qualifications so that we wouldn’t have to be bothered with it.”

“Of course you would,” she grumbled, unable to will herself to look at him directly.

“Now, Mrs. Callison, I already have a daily schedule worked out,” Mrs. Whitehead interrupted as she began to read from the pad of notepaper she held in her hands. “Dr. Campbell has recommended a course of necessary vitamins which will compliment your daily meal plans for proper nutrition and….”

“Wait! Stop it!” Jillian threw up her hands and quickly jumped up from her seat as she pulled herself out of Francis and Leticia’s grasp. “I am not in favor of this at all! I don’t need a housekeeper! I don’t want a housekeeper!”

“Jillian, please?” Reginald’s voice was deliberately gentle and soothing so as not to overly excite his wife. “You heard what Dr. Campbell said before we left the hospital – this baby isn’t going to be an easy one and you have to do whatever you can to avoid unnecessary stress and….”

“The only unnecessary stress I’m experiencing right now is this!” She motioned around the room towards the various members of her family who were quickly growing quite uncomfortable, “and that woman who I did not invite into my home!” She walked swiftly to where Mrs. Whitehead was standing and glared directly into her eyes. “And I want you to leave. Now.”

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