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i am a new member and here is my 2 cents worth . just think if days hired the 2 most popular actors that were leads from every soap which was on the air for the last 15 years ! wouldn't that be great ! probably ,but if you don't have good writer s who can write great stories the soap would sink to the bottom of the pack. the actors can give there all in there effort to do justice to the storey they have to play but crappy writing means crappy ratings. i love days but i have been recording it and watching it in about 15 minutes very little interest me anymore. i like wills storey line because it is helping me understand thinks about people who are gay. i find it educational and lets me understand whats gay men/women are going through. i like that alice has a secret but the writers got that so messed up i have no interest. ian as got to go . when hes on screen i just ff till his mug is gone. there great promise in the idea of nichole being pregnant but they will screw that up as well. there could be alot of great storey there. time to say goodbye to john,jack,gabi,stefano,ian,madie,. time to give up on some of those old unbelievable storey lines like the pawn and that crap. tell more stories you can relate to , a man having an affair the pain it causes the family and children for excample good deep storey telling people who are going through this in real life and can watch related even get some guidence from the show, wills storey line is lioke that if the writer don't fool up that storey . isn't that what would work,stories the everday person can relate to not foolish pawn stories. there i have vented. oh new writer repair the damage very very quickly with in weeks get the stories back to go storey !
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