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Apr 4 2012, 12:09 AM
Obviously, MarDar sucks. No denying that.

But Sheffer talked about just how much the NBC and Sony execs interfered with his writing. That he wasn't allowed to do certain stories or was forced to change them because those executives made him. His vision was trampled all over.

So I wonder how much of that is going on now. How much these executives are forcing certain pairings or writing certain couples together or showcasing certain actors/actresses because of their beliefs in how things should be.

While I do believe the executives interfere, I think the headwriter still ends up showing some of their influence. For instance, Sheffer's DAYS had the same very toxic stamp that he leaves on all his shows, like the brilliant choice to have Jeremy Horton return as a psycho, and to justify this by saying Robin and Mike had abused him.
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