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Viewing Single Post From: 5th Hour of Today?
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Apr 6 2012, 11:30 PM
I don't see how this means a 5th hour of Today. They gave Lauer a development deal. It could be any show. His show could take over for the 4th hour of Today that features Kathie Lee and Hoda (I don't think that is doing very well). It could be a primetime news show. It could be some sort of special news series that only airs at certain times of year. There is no guarantee any show of his will ever hit the airwaves. Plus, it takes years sometimes to develop a show and perfect it and that is even before it's tested by focus groups and given the green light. Your looking at 2-3 years at least. This doesn't pose any immediate threat, if it even poses a threat IMO.
Plus, NBC has to fix what's wrong with Today before they can proceed with expanding it or spinning off Matt Lauer into syndication(the latter seems more likely, given how lucrative syndication is, which is exactly why Katie Couric wanted her show in GH's timeslot, but forced the syndication deal). What's clearly wrong with Today is 1.) Ann Curry 2.) Tabloid Celebrity Gossip 3.) Missing White Girl Stories and 4.) ANN FUCKING CURRY. It will be very interesting to see where Matt Lauer takes this development deal with NBC. If I were him, I would stick with doing a network daytime show, unrelated to the Today brand. There's more investment(from the network) in that kind of deal which means less risk. And then if the show is successful, he can force NBC to spin it off into syndication under their umbrella. Not sure what it means for Days, but it's anyone's guess.

On a slightly unrelated note, I predict GMA is going to expand to three hours in the near future too and it hinges upon whether they can hold steady in their close gap on the Today Show and whether Kelly and her new co-host flop. If they do, ABC will want a solid replacement for its O&Os and that is a third hour of GMA. Nothing additional necessary, everything is in-house, the talent is already hired, etc. If they still have Kelly Ripa locked into a contract, they can have her do special reporting for GMA or even include her in the third hour until it expires. That being said, a third hour of GMA will require the network to take an hour from the daypart(The View, The Chew, GH).
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