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Apr 7 2012, 06:45 AM
Apr 6 2012, 08:25 PM
Apr 6 2012, 08:11 PM
The Alamania stuff has been a disaster for Days. MarDar deserved to get fired just for that and anyone that signed off on it should be out the door with them. I shudder to think what the ratings would be if not for the Will story. I have a feeling the next three months are going to be a nightmare.
Playing devil's advocate - Who's to say Will's story isn't part of the problem? The blame is with the storylines in general, not just with the Alamania one, IMO.

ETA: Something isn't resonating with the GA, and it's impossible to say what or which storyline(s) is to blame, IMO.
Willīs story isnīt really story in the right sense. Itīs more a slowly told character journey and thatīs fine but itīs not strong enough to attract viewers on itīs own. It canīt amazingly work as the "B" or "C" story of the show but there still needs to be something bigger and twisty and chalenging which makes people think "I have to see what happens tomorrow."

I quess Alamainia was supposed to be that story but IMO itīs embarraring, poorly done and without propper concerns from anyone in Salem we have no idea what we should even care. Itīs basically John/Hopeīs 6 weeks trip into past with no consequences for anyone else.

I agree.
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