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Apr 8 2012, 10:11 PM
Apr 8 2012, 09:54 PM
Apr 8 2012, 09:46 PM
Today ends at 11. A 5th hour would take it to 12 pm, which has nothing to do with Days.
Yes but if that hour goes to a 5th hour of Today or a Matt Lauer show, something has to be moved. NBC only had one more hour left in daytime that they have not given up to the affiliates. If they commit to a 5th hour of Today or give Matt Lauer some sort of show during the daytime, the only hour they have available is the one Days fills. They need to give an hour back to the affiliates if they take one to give to Today or a separate Matt Lauer show.
That's not necessarily true - they wouldn't "need" to, that's just how it would work to keep it even with how it is now. At any rate, my guess is that this will be a non-issue all around.
Yeah, they would need to because the affiliates would get upset. That is why Passions had to go. The 4th hour of Today didn't directly replace it but because that 4th hour in the morning was taken by NBC so they could have the 4th hour of Today, they had to give back an hour to affiliates to be able to do that without issues from them. So, Passions' time slot was what they gave the affiliates to do with as they wish. You can't upset the affiliates so these are things that have to happen if, as a network, you want to air something nationally. You have to appease them to be able to air what you want in the time slot you want it in.

But, yeah, the only way it becomes a serious issue IMO is if we hear rumors of other potential shows in development, kind of like what is going on at ABC. If that happens and some of the shows test well, then Days is in trouble. I think NBC and CBS would be more careful though given what is happening with ABC and how they handled things. Both networks would need to feel they had slam dunk replacements to be able to go ahead with getting rid of their remaining soaps, although CBS has been successful replacing ATWT and GL with game shows so maybe they wouldn't be so hesitant depending on how confident they felt.
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