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I think we have to remember there is no sentiment in TV in terms of the folks who run the networks its money. While the Today show has its issues, its still according to Advertising Age the most profitable show on Television that includes daytime, nightime, cable, etc. CBS has no affection to their daytime shows. Les Moonves may talk a better game but he is also the one who said after cancelling GL and ATWT that the days of client owned daytime dramas is over. CBS has also increased profits of their daytime division since dropping those 2 soaps. Y&R and B&B will remain as long as they make money and can be shown to help increase profits. Unfortunately in this day and age with the audiences for daytime dramas eroding, the only way to increase profits is through cost cutting which ultimately impacts the quality of the product produced. B&B tends to maintain their production values I assume because they dont have a huge contract cast(many are recurring), they use the Bells properties for a lot of their shoots, and they have a huge international presence. Its sad but its just a fact that the audience is daytime has eroded and will continue to. I would not be surprised to see network daytime TV end up like a CNN or MSNBC with news and talkshows all day.

As for GH, ABC will likely keep it for a time to minimize damage to Katie Courics show. And even with that once her show gains footing if it does, GH will be gone. We already pretty much know they have no commitment to daytime dramas and nothing thats happened since the writing change and production change has convinced me otherwise.
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