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If you remember Corday's interviews, he spent more time talking about how HE felt about the show than how the fans felt. He kept saying the show was took dark and unrecognizable in terms of where the focus was. Corday never gets rid of head writers based on fan dissent or ratings. If he did, he wouldn't wait as long as he does. Head writers only tend to go when he's sick of them unless he's forced to make a move like he was with JER in 2003. Look at Langan. They had a falling out and he was gone. He should've been axed before that but it wasn't until Corday got fed up that he was. The ratings were up with B&C in 2002 but he axed them despite that. He cited budget reasons but it's been said over the years that he didn't like them because they wouldn't write what he wanted them to. SSM was the same thing. The numbers were declining long before she was axed. Corday lets writers go when he wants to, not when it's right to. So, I don't think Higley's ouster has as much to do with panicking over the numbers than it does Corday was just sick of her. The fact he admitted it was in the works for months IMO proves that because Days' numbers weren't that bad around the time it seemed he began to think about getting rid of her.
And that is part of the problem. Corday needs to stop dictating to the writers because what the fans want to see and what Corday wants to see are two very different things. Corday has had an obsession with GG and SC for years and despite the fact that their characters are hated, we're still having them shoved down our throats. Matt has never been one of Corday's favorite people which explains why Jack's on the backburner. The writers are forced to write for the characters that Corday wants and that is doing far more harm than good. This shows needs new writers and for Corday to stay the hell out of the writers' room.
Sorry to not know everyone's initials, but who is GG and SC?
I find initials the hardest part of this site.
GG = Galen Gering (Rafe)
SC = Shawn Christian (Daniel)
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