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Well I'm glad that Michael wasn't mincing words with Meng. It's so true that NBC knows dick all about saving Days considering the pathetic state of their prime time lineup. More derailments that won't take effect onscreen until August and the chaos that will ensue because of it for a short while probably isn't going to help the situation. I wonder who's going to get the axe? If the DH's are really as beloved as Meng made them out to be when he was on the book tour, it wouldn't make sense to cut them. Lisa Rinna isn't needed at all, IMO. She should be the first to go. Interesting that Meng has indicated that Sarah Brown's storyline isn't exactly taking off like they'd hoped it would. I can't stand Bradison so I hope they at least look at ending that pairing if they're going to keep SB. Galen isn't needed if Bryan is on the show, although I seem to recall hearing that Tomlin isn't a big Bryan fan, so who knows? That girl that plays Gabi can go, etc. Although if they're really looking at cutting costs, I do think Matt and Missy could very well be up for cutting.
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