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Lindsay brought me back (though I was a Days fan pre-EJ and pre-Passions) and I tuned into AMC when she went there (never watched any soap besides Days/Passions before that). But I do agree on a grand-scale, the fans don't follow their faves and it's a waste of time to hire so-called "ratings-grabbers".
I think the amount of fans that move with there favourites depends on the amount of exposure and promotion the soap does to let fans know of the transition... when LH came on to Days, none of my friends knew. From what I remember, they didn't do much to hype up her return to her Passions castmates so how will the fans from Passions know to watch Days? LH did do a couple of magazine articles but who reads print anymore? it's all about the web and tv.

Now we have twitter which helps alot but back 3-4 years ago, twitter either didn't exist or wasn't as big as it is now.
True, I only found out because I was off from work one day randomly and was flipping channels. Just so happened Lindsay was on standing on the pier. Took me abt 30 seconds to realize I was watching Days, lol. I thought at first NBC had resserected Passions! :P
Exactly... actually that was how I found out that Eric Martsolf had been hired at Days by just randomly flipping through the channels. I had nooooo idea! Lisa Rinna OTH did a great job doing promo for her reprisal of Billie. I've seen a lot of interviews with her on the web and tv which they totally missed with Lindsay Hartley. I can't speak of the others like Crystal who does have a huge fanbase.
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