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Apr 11 2012, 09:29 PM
Wouldn't Stefano have figured this out back when he wanted to use Allie's and Johnny's cord blood to cure his illness? I vaguely recall EJ saying that he put the cord blood on ice in case Stefano needed to use it at some point. I don't think Stefano ever actually used the cord blood, but I thought he did some sort of DNA test in order to determine that the cord blood of EJ's babies would heal him. The DNA test would've showed that Stefano wasn't EJ's father. And back then would've been a great time for Alice to speak up about EJ's true paternity so that Stefano would stop trying to rip the unborn babies from Sami's frakkin' uterus! Then again, I've probably put more thought into writing this paragraph than DAYS is putting into Alice's entire clusterfrak of secrets, so I guess I can't expect too much logic or rationality from this show....
I guess we are suppose to forget that....rme
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