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I'm also a lapsed GH viewer. The Franco mess drive me away. Complete apathy took over. Came back for Robin's death. Writing for that was shitty, but Patrick and Anna's grief was much watch tv.

And then I stopped watching again. The daily cliffhangers and plot, plot, plot was exhausting. The best soaps have to find a balance between plot drama and character development. I just don't care enough about the GH characters anymore to tune. It's the same conversations year after year. Nobody changes and grows. Sonny is still a murderous mobster with a glittery dick. His wives and children will forgive and protect him, even if he shoots them! And Jason is still stoic and tragic - when not annoyed by Carly and Spinelli. But no matter how "tragic" his eyes may look, he won't leave the mob and stop killing people. Who am I supposed to root for in that show? Luke's an asshole. I don't find him charming AT ALL. I wish he would go on a permanent vacation and Anna could hook up with Mac.
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