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Apr 14 2012, 09:17 AM
They have to get the GA back; they are the ones that will put this show back on the map. The fanbases think they have the power but the donít because there are not enough of them. Rafe & Sami, Ej & Sami and Lucas & Sami fans arenít going to keep DAYS on the air, but instead of watching and enjoying a fictional show they would rather bitch about it constantly and wonder why the show is gone. It takes a combination of factors to have a great show, good actors, good writers, and great fans to accept the show!

The fanbases all are acting like a bunch of babies, pouting in the corner, sucking their thumbs, stomping their feet, and screaming because they arenít getting their way. PLEASE people grow up, and enjoy the show and if you are that dissatisfied with the show then stop watching and yes I include myself in on this! You have NO idea what the new writers are going to do, so give it a chance you might like it, and if not then bitch! You might surprise yourself! :frustration:

I want DAYS to stay on the air, so I'm willing to see what the future brings!
It's not just couple fan bases though. Someone nťeds to be hired who has a vision on where to take the show. Clearly bringing back the oldies didn't work. Do I think it's fair firing actors no but that happened when they had the prior writing changes too. As much as I like Matt Ashford and think he can be utilized better, I don't want him around just to be around because he's a vet. He should only be around if the current writers have a vision of how to use him as more than the other half of Jennifer and have a viable place for him on canvas. Same as Missy. I don't see how Y&R hiring old soap vets or GH bringing on OLTL vets has helped. The show needs to decide what the canvas needs to look like in terms of a mixture of all age groups and cast accordingly and not just because EJ or Sami are allegedly the most popular.

I'll give B&B credit. They've kind of accidentally fallen into a successful younger cast and are capitalizing on it and are using their vets to complement those stories. Yeah the hope sex stuff got out of hand but at least they seem to have a plan which is more than Days, Y&R, or GH seems to have.
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