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Apr 14 2012, 07:33 PM
Apr 14 2012, 09:17 AM
They have to get the GA back; they are the ones that will put this show back on the map. The fanbases think they have the power but the donít because there are not enough of them. Rafe & Sami, Ej & Sami and Lucas & Sami fans arenít going to keep DAYS on the air, but instead of watching and enjoying a fictional show they would rather bitch about it constantly and wonder why the show is gone. It takes a combination of factors to have a great show, good actors, good writers, and great fans to accept the show!

The fanbases all are acting like a bunch of babies, pouting in the corner, sucking their thumbs, stomping their feet, and screaming because they arenít getting their way. PLEASE people grow up, and enjoy the show and if you are that dissatisfied with the show then stop watching and yes I include myself in on this! You have NO idea what the new writers are going to do, so give it a chance you might like it, and if not then bitch! You might surprise yourself! :frustration:

I want DAYS to stay on the air, so I'm willing to see what the future brings!
I think they have a golden opportunity right now to bring fanbases together and rebuild a general audience because the reaction to the firings has actually helped things a bit, imho. There's a more general rallying cry of "just have good writing, assholes," with less of an emphasis on specific couples. I'm curious whether TPTB can leverage that.

I'm also curious how they can sell this latest writing regime change in a way that would lure more general audience viewers in. Those ratings are awful. But how do you promote the idea that the show is going to get better when you just did that a year ago (well, that was the latest time, anyway) and failed to follow through?

Again I'm thinking they may have to leverage the social networks developing as a reaction to the latest firings. But...it's a tricky situation.
I think what days fails to realize and has for years is fan bases don't amount to a hill of beans in terms of viewers. And the best story on this show in the last 10 years that got the general audience excited and actually helped drive viewership up was the baby switch and that story was centered on 2 women. None of the couples and that includes the so called popular EJ/Sami or even the Sami/EJ/Lucas triangle did a thing for ratings. They may have gotten buzz online and covered in the soap rags but hype doesn't always equal viewers.

And I'd contest that the general audience even knows when writing changes happens or cares. The reboot was more a PR stunt to reintroduce Days than it was introducing a writing change and I doubt they can play that card again. I don't think the GA cares who writes the show they just want engaging story. I remember people celebrating bob Guza at GH being fired and I doubt most off liners knew who he was. Look at the heralded Ron Carlivati, he's done nothing at GH despite all the soap hype.

What they need is to promote decent stories and they need a good umbrella story like they had in 2009. I still say a good murder mystery of a popular character like EJ would draw people in and that could get drawn out for months.
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