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Apr 16 2012, 07:39 AM
There is no bigger fan base than the people that simply don't care about any one actor or actress and just watch the show for entertainment value, it's those people that are leaving. No one actor makes or breaks this show, NOT ONE and at times it's proven that a murder mystery surrounding a very popular character on a soap has helped the soap when they need it most. Days managed to 'kill off' 10 of their most beloved characters in 2004 and the show increased in ratings...it was only AFTER they were found alive on an island that the show starting tanking....lol
Bingo. IMO the only characters that are not expendable are tentpole characters like Maggie and I'll say it Stefano. Because those are characters you can build around. I love James Scott and had they focused more on building EJ as the heir to Stefano vs the endless love triangles he could have been a tent pole also. The only issue at this point is he's the only 30 something Male they've groomed as a lead. It's a shame that they so bungled JKJ/Phillip because he and his character also had potential.
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