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I'm really enjoying this season so far. I'll start with Megan- what a refreshing new character and so different that Jane. I love that she stands her ground and is more of an equal in the marriage, unlike Betty. And poor, overweight Betty. I liked the twist of Betty having gained weight and thinking it might be thyroid cancer. Let's face it, many housewives nowadays and in the gain weight after their kids are born.

Joan- I just adore her. Loved that she finally got rid of that handsome/but awful husband of hers. And so glad she mentioned the night where he raped her in Roger's office. I'm glad that wasn't forgotten.

Also, loving where Peggy is right now. The scene of her making Roger pay her $400 to do extra work for him was so funny.

And I agree with the other's that Pete is headed for a trip off the deep end. Wonder where they will take him this season..He's definitely not happy with suburban life. Poor Trudy.
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