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^ My face watching DAYS

Apr 15 2012, 06:14 PM
Apr 14 2012, 03:30 PM
Considering NBCs top prime time A18-49 demo for scripted TV was a 2.2 this week for The Office, I suspect DAYS isn't their top concern right now
Yep. And, at the rate NBC is going, it won't be their concern for a few years at least. I'm starting to think NBC has lowered their standards to that of a cable network because most of the shows they will be bringing back next season will be carrying cable-like numbers in demos.

I think Days made a big mistake right off the bat in September with the reboot when they didn't do anything huge at the Horton Town Square as far as drama goes. Yeah, we had John's arrest and Jack's return but that isn't going to draw eyes to the screen. They should've had one of the characters exiting get killed at the party or have something big like that happen to attract people right away and get interest. Then, you make that story central to the next few months. The show made a big mistake not doing something highly dramatic and soapy. The HTS celebration was nothing but a love letter to die hard fans. It was nice but it needed to be more. After all the happiness, there should've been drama that had the capability to attract new viewers. Instead, it was all rather ordinary.
Could NOT agree MORE!!

This was a PRIME PRIME PRIME moment for DAYS to WOW with a HUGE dramatic moment...instead they were banking on the fact that fans would be wowed by a fucking new set and veteran characters returning with pretty much nothing to do (outside of reunite with loved ones).
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