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Woah! Thanks for going into detail about it. I was curious as to whether or not the show was able to maintain its quality throughout all of its fourteen seasons, especially since the seasons I've been watching have been really great. How can you not lost some of the quality though staying on the air for fourteen years? Lol. Ironically, I've actually seen some snippets from Joan Van Ark where she talks about her distaste for both Latham and Lechowick as writers. Something about them turning Val into a "village idiot". From what I've also heard, the show really takes huge hits when Constance McCashin (season 9) and Donna Mills (season 10) leave. If I had to narrow it down, I'd say that Laura is my favorite character of the bunch...so that's going to suck to see. Does Nicollette Sheridan's character end up moving into her house?

Oh...and does the show lose its cul-de-sac feel? That was one of my main issues with season five. I enjoyed the overall Wolfbridge arc, but it was weird not seeing outdoor shooting of the familiar neighborhood and having characters that would normally interact not even utter words to each other. The show got that back in season six, but I'm hoping they don't stray too far from it again.
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