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Apr 19 2012, 07:29 PM
It does, unfortunately, lose that tightly knit feel of the earlier seasons. As the show branches out into the greater Los Angeles area, we lose a lot of that nice suburban quality that the show has in its first several seasons.

Where are you, right now, in the series, anyway?
That's sad. A big draw for me was initially how all the characters lived together on the cul-de-sac and were all tight knight and bonded with each other. I've definitely noticed that dwindling every since Abby/Gary moved, but I was hoping that was something they would keep intact because it was basically the premise of the whole show.

As of right now, I'm towards the end of season 6. I only have a couple more episodes to go before the finale. Mack and Ben just mistakenly walked into a dark haired woman's (can't remember the name of her) house who had twin babies. The camera panned to them, so they obviously are Val's stolen babies. Lol. I just wish I hadn't spoiled myself on this finale unlike previous seasons.
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