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I agree that it would be dumb to rewrite the history of the birth of Baby Elvis as the child of Susan and Stefano. That would be a bad move to needlessly undo one of the best and goofiest stories in Days history.

BUT...BUT...BUT...the writers don't have to undo history to go with this story line. And -- right now -- I don't think they are going to screw that up

The twist in the reveal may be that James Scott's EJ is not the real Baby Elvis that we saw onscreen, but some one else who took that child's place without Stefano's knowledge.

It seems to me that the writers have already laid the ground work for that by Alice's involvement with medical specialists to save the life of a very sick Baby Elvis. We are supposed to think he was still a toddler at the time of that illness, because of the matching baby photos. Maybe the specialist saved Baby Elvis that time, but his illness recurred later and he died. Or maybe there was a fatal childhood accident that killed him. In either case, Susan may have believed that Stefano would blame her and harm her. So Susan could have told Alice and enlisted her aid to keep the death a secret from Stefano. That would have been totally within the character of Alice to take a risk and help Susan in that way. The document from the joint safe deposit box that made Stefano weep could have been the death certificate for the real Baby Elvis.

The story could easily go that way. IMO, it should go that way. Then it would have the potential to go on from there in so many different directions. It could be a great story line. Will it? IDK. But I'm willing to wait a while to see.
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