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I'm watching
So far so good WHOA and her husband what a STAIN he is, makes love with Riley on his B-Day next day spend time with the kids, congratulate his wife on the new JOB and then BOLTS

I know whatta douche!

but Brother Colin is waiting on the side :D (YUMMY Evan Parks,Gosh I miss AMC)

Yummy indeed! Yeah you can tell that all Riley would have to do is give the word and Colin would be ready to fill his brothers shoes. lol

hopefully the show keeps momentum

I hope so too! I think its a good show.

I know some Texas Kinfolk who are ECSTATIC the show is filming out there in Sugarland.

Cool! I had no idea there was a town in Texas called Sugarland....i thought maybe they made that up for the show.
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