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^ My face watching DAYS

Apr 25 2012, 11:24 AM
I actually think Days has a chance with that submission. It's completely stunt-driven and usually the voters go for that. I actually think the shootout episode was good drama so, to me, they deserve a nomination just for that episode which was well-written and directed.

I like OLTL and AMC's submissions. My only fear is that the AMC submissions might come off too rushed because so much was going on but I would give them the nod.

Those GH episodes rang very hollow for me. They could've been so much better than they were.

B&B IMO doesn't deserve it for those submissions. Much like the GH submissions, I felt nothing. However, B&B had a good 2011 so, if it was about the whole year, I would nominate them alongside OLTL and AMc. It isn't though. It's about the two submissions and, based on what the voters usually go for, I think it's OLTL and Days that have the best shots along with AMC. However, I could easily see Y&R surprising and knocking one of the three out. Y&R seems to always get nominated even when they don't deserve it. I feel they have the worst submissions of the bunch, to be honest.
I would agree with you about DAYS if Ali Sweeney or James Scott scored nominations, because those are the episodes they submitted as well, and BOTH were not even pre-nommed with those tapes, making me think voters did not care for the episode.
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