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Apr 25 2012, 11:25 AM
Apr 25 2012, 11:24 AM
I actually think Days has a chance with that submission. It's completely stunt-driven and usually the voters go for that. I actually think the shootout episode was good drama so, to me, they deserve a nomination just for that episode which was well-written and directed.

I like OLTL and AMC's submissions. My only fear is that the AMC submissions might come off too rushed because so much was going on but I would give them the nod.

Those GH episodes rang very hollow for me. They could've been so much better than they were.

B&B IMO doesn't deserve it for those submissions. Much like the GH submissions, I felt nothing. However, B&B had a good 2011 so, if it was about the whole year, I would nominate them alongside OLTL and AMc. It isn't though. It's about the two submissions and, based on what the voters usually go for, I think it's OLTL and Days that have the best shots along with AMC. However, I could easily see Y&R surprising and knocking one of the three out. Y&R seems to always get nominated even when they don't deserve it. I feel they have the worst submissions of the bunch, to be honest.
I would agree with you about DAYS if Ali Sweeney or James Scott scored nominations, because those are the episodes they submitted as well, and BOTH were not even pre-nommed with those tapes, making me think voters did not care for the episode.
I don't think acting nods make a difference in terms of deciding the best drama series category. There have been years where a soap got no acting nods at all and still got a best drama series nod.

In fact, when Days was nominated for the plane crash episode, I don't believe anyone from Days got an actual acting nod from that episode (and you know someone just had to submit it for consideration) so that shows you that it doesn't really mean anything.
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